Academic support
Christa works with students one on one to build the academic skills that they need to succeed. She applies her understanding of the learning process to pinpoint where students most need support and guidance. By meshing classroom expectations with the learning style of each student, Christa is able to guide students towards developing systems and strategies that work for them.

Christa's philosophy is that tutoring should help students succeed in the present while preparing them for the challenges that they may face in the future. By working with current school assignments, students have the motivation and context for academic success. Christa's varied academic background makes her well qualified to tutor in a variety of subjects ranging from chemistry to math to writing.
Questions and Answers
Q: How often does Christa meet with students?
A: If a student needs help with just one subject, than once a week usually suffices. However, if there are multiple subjects in which a student needs support, then twice a week is beneficial.

Q: Does Christa use outside resources?
A: Yes. In general, Christa starts with showing a student how to use their textbook and other class resources to full advantage. However, if a student’s learning style doesn’t work well with a teacher’s methods, outside materials may be necessary. For example, Google images have gotten many students through biology and chemistry. Christa teaches students how to sort through all the available information and find an effective method for checking comprehension and locating appropriate materials. Christa may also use handouts on different learning strategies to support new habits for students. She doesn’t use a prepackaged program, but rather as she identifies areas of weakness, she tailors instruction to help students fill that gap.

Q: How do I assess my student’s progress?
A: After every session, you will receive an e-mailed session report from Christa. This report will let you know if there were any particular concepts or assignments that need further attention. She will also let you know what grades were received since the last session. Students are often far more willing to hand over a test for analysis to Christa rather than to a parent! While there may not always be time in an individual session to cover everything, students will at least leave with a game plan for how to approach remaining work.

Q: How do we get started?
A: By filling out a contact form on this website. Christa will then contact you to see if your family’s needs match up with her areas of expertise. She recommends contacting her early in the process so as to reserve a spot.