SSAT/ISEE Preparation
Christa has helped many students prepare for admission to independent schools. Her students now attend schools such as Phillips Andover Academy, Dana Hall, St. Marks, Middlesex, Concord Academy, The Winsor School, Rivers School, and many more. She uses innovative techniques and strategies that are individualized for each student.
Questions and Answers
Q: Are the ISEE and SSAT different tests? Which one should my student take?
A: Yes. They are different tests. The ISEE has three levels: lower, middle, and upper. The SSAT introduced an elementary level test in 2013 and now has three levels as well: elementary, middle, and upper. Generally speaking, the SSAT has more of a focus on questions that students can reason through, while the ISEE has more of a focus on content knowledge. Individual schools have different admissions testing requirements, so be sure to check with all of the schools your student is applying to. Christa has prepared many students for both the SSAT and the ISEE.

Q: Is homework assigned?
A: Yes. Christa assigns practice sections as well as intensive vocabulary work. Vocabulary is particularly important for the verbal sections of both tests. For the SSAT, Christa has daily “workouts “ that students complete. These workouts take about half an hour to complete and reinforce concepts and vocabulary learned.

Q: What is a percentile and how does it affect preparation?
A: The scores for both the SSAT and ISEE are reported as percentiles. These percentile scores compare students only to other students that are their age. What this means is that if an eighth grader misses half of the questions, that is fine as long as other eighth graders miss the same number of questions or more. This means that students need to be prepared that they may miss many questions and still get a good score. There are also strategies that students can use to guess intelligently in order to get questions that their peers may be missing in order to boost the percentile score.

Q: How do we get started?
A: By filling out a contact form on this website. Christa will then contact you to see if your family’s needs match up with her areas of expertise. Since her schedule often fills quickly, she recommends contacting her early in the process.