About Christa Abbott, M.ED.
Christa has had over ten years of experience with individual and group instruction in test preparation, academic skills development, organizational skills development, and course content tutoring. She developed the SAT curriculum for a national tutoring company. As a learning specialist, Christa has worked with students of varying abilities and learning styles, including students with learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD.

Christa received her B.A. in biology and psychology from Middlebury College. She completed her M.Ed. at the University of Virginia in reading education, a program nationally known for its excellence. She is located in the Arlington area, but travels to see students in within the greater Northern Virginia/D.C. area.
Questions and Answers
Q: How do we get started?
A: A great starting point is to fill out a contact form on this website. Christa will contact you shortly to set up a phone conversation to assess whether your student’s needs are a good fit for her range of expertise.

Q: Can we set up an initial meeting to do a “chemistry check” with our student?
A: Absolutely! Effective tutoring relies upon a strong relationship between the tutor and the student. An initial meeting also lets the student be more involved in the decision making process, which generally leads to a better outcome.

Q: What is Christa’s approach?
A: Christa views herself as a guide through the academic processes of coursework and test preparation. She has an arsenal of effective strategies, but the art lies in being able to match appropriate strategies for each individual student. She doesn’t use a prepackaged curriculum or program because she has yet to meet a student who comes prepackaged! Listening to each student is important for gathering data on what works and what doesn’t work for that individual. She provides support, but doesn’t give answers, so that students can take ownership of and pride in their own success. There are many students that she has started working with in middle school and been able to see through high school. Seeing them blossom into confident, successful students is what makes her job so rewarding.

Q: Where can I get more information?
A: Please explore the various areas of this site. In particular, the policies page will give you the nuts and bolts of how she works. It includes information on how to keep open channels of communication, what her scheduling policies are, and how to contact her.