After every session, within 24 hours, parents will receive an e-mailed session report. This report will include any observations that Christa had during the session, any homework assigned, and when the next scheduled session will occur. There will not be a separate session reminder sent out, so please save this e-mail if you need a reminder. Parents can respond directly to this session report if they have any brief questions or comments. If there are additional professionals working with your student, their e-mail addresses can easily be added to the session reports so that everyone is in the loop, so to speak.
Attendance and Cancellation
The time of the student’s next appointment will be included at the end of every emailed session report. If there is confusion about the time (and/or location) of the next appointment, it is the student’s responsibility to call and verify the appointment. Tutoring sessions generally last 55 minutes.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge for the full amount of the session. In cases of snowstorms and emergencies this policy will be waived. If a student cancels three times without notice, she reserves the right to reschedule the time allotted to the student.

If a last minute change in schedule needs to be made, please call Christa on her cell phone at 978-460-0977.
Extended consultations about a student’s progress can take place during the last ten minutes of a session when possible or be scheduled to occur via phone for which the client will be billed in 15-minute increments at the session rate. Meetings with a student’s educational team will be billed at the session rate in 15-minute increments, including travel time.
Christa is located in the Ballston area of Arlington. For no additional fee, she will travel within five miles of this area. If you would like her to travel further, then travel time will be billed at her regular hourly rate. She can meet students at their homes, at a local library, or at private schools. During the day, she is available to see students at area private schools. Please note that Christa works with a lot of student athletes, so evening time slots generally fill very quickly. It is best to contact her early and let her know if there will be a change in scheduling needs as the sports seasons change.
Please call for a quote unique to your situation.